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marble carving machine for sale

Offline gapa0501


The picture of machine
Technical Parameters:
Performance indexstone work cnc engraving machine
Sculpture range1300mm*2500mm*300mm
Z TransmissionTaiwan TBI ball screw
X Y transmissionTaiwan HIWIN square guide rail
Max feeding300mm
rotation axis diameter12.5cm/ 20cm
Highest engraving speed5m/min
Reposition accuracy0.05mm
commandG Code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
surrounding for Softwarewindows98/2000/xp
Power (do not contain spindle)2kw/3kw/4.5kw
main axle power rate3.0-4.5KW
main axle rotating speed0-24000rpm/min
work modestepper motor
Spindle typeWater cooling spindle
Control systemNcstuio or DSP controller
Table surfaceAluminum T-slot table
ConverterSunfar converter
Bed structureWelded seamless bed structure
Main parts
1.Dustproof and waterproof system keeps the mahcine cleanliness
2.Water cooling spindle with high power makes machine's efficiency higher
3.Water tank makes aluminum T-slot surface clean
4.What motor we use is stepper motor,easy to operate
5.BEST brand inverter cna control the frequency of spindle stable
6.All of the guide rail we use are Taiwan PMI square guide rails with high accuracy
7.Taiwan TBI ball screw with high precision
8.Two control systems you can choose:Ncstudio control system need connect with computer.DSP control system can connect with control box through USB it's extremely convenient and humanized
From different views
Stone serious engraving machine is mainly used in the engraving of the hard materials such as marble, granite,glass,stone etc.
   marble carving machine for sale

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