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VW dedicated campsites

Offline Woodmeister


Hi guys.
Does anyone know of any websites that offer camping to fellow VW camper owners? We have just been granted permission for a small campsite in our woodland near Ramsbottom in Lancashire and looking for places to get the word out. Would be nice to keep it dedicated to VW,s.

Offline Poppy


We’d like to stay at your site in our T25 with our small dogs if that’s ok, we’ve a Caraven Camping Club Certified Site and though them your site will be listed that way. Don’t think you can just say who can & who can’t stay. We could not have our site open on it’s own without some associate like the CCC, due to the local planning rules.
Hope that makes sense.

Offline Woodmeister


Hi Poppy.
Delighted to have you stay with us.
We are currently working up the website but you can visit us at fb.me/deardenwood where our contact details are, if you have facebook.
We are officially opening at Easter. Good with dogs on leads.
We have our public licence through Freedom Camping who are happy for non members to visit.
Is your site far from us?

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