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Advice for buying my first T25, T3 or T4

Offline evansgaz


Hi there, 

I've been talking about it for far too long and it's time to bite the bullet and try and buy my first camper.

I know bad rust when I see it but I wouldn't say I'm that mechanically knowledgeable so I'd be great to know some basics of what to look for and what to steer away from, also what the warning signs on when looking at vans. 

I know that's a broad question to ask but if anyone's able to give me any advice that would be really useful! I've heard there are some engines that are sought after, is that right? Some better than others, some more gas guzzling than others?  Were there any models and years which would be worth looking out for? What milage would be the max you'd go for?

It would also be great to get one that holds its value pretty well, i have a feeling they all do pretty well if in good nick.

Also, I have seen an M reg (1994?) T4 1.6 petrol automatic. As a rule of thumb is it best to steer away from autos? I did notice it struggling to snap into gear when I did a test drive.

Anyway, any advice welcome!


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