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10,000 miles around Europe - Garage Advice

Offline JackandAlex



We are new to the online world of campervan (and relatively new to the whole business) so I hope this post makes it to the right people in the right way! Apologies in advance, if not.

We are currently in Prague and coming up to 3000 miles through our trip - well documented with more pictures than you could ever hope to see on our blog accessible here: http://www.t2far.co.uk

The van is running great (VW T2 Bay 1.6l 1972) and we had an oil change 500 miles or so ago. So our reason for posting..

We have had difficulty finding classic motor/old Vdub specialist garages and seek some advice as to where/how to find these. I recognise that it is not essential but previous experiences (see blog - day 2) have convinced us that it's better looked at by someone who really knows their Sh$! - especially since we don't really know it ourselves.

The last mechanic (500 miles ago) said the front suspension looks knackered and the rear is not to hot either. Now the roads are deteriorating this is something we would like to look to sort - if someone reputable can confirm that it does indeed need sorting first.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent T2 garage in, or on route between: Prague, Krakow, Budapest or Vienna? 

Thanks in advance,

Jack & Alex

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