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Charity Cycle Ride from Burbage to Croyde Bay

Offline thebreadman


Dear Camper fans, I have joined the Forum in the hope you could help me raise money for my friend Nick O'Meara who has MS and is aiming to raise £50,000 to receive Stem Cell treatment in Mexico.  The tenuous link is that Nick used to own a 1968 camper (with original battery!) and used to surf and camp a lot in Croyde Bay, North Devon.  Mike came up with the idea of cycling from Burbage, Hinckley to Croyde Bay, North Devon on the 27th & 28th May, where we had summer pilgrimages in the bus to surf and have fun. I am being joined on this 230 mile ride by Andy Middleton who owned the blue L reg camper in the picture, Mike Canning (iron man competitor), Kellie Sidwell (top cyclist) and me, David Warburton (ex VW Beetle owner).

For a start, the link below should hopefully take you to Nick's Gofundme page where you can get more info.  The total amount raised so far across various funding sites / fund raisers / donations is now over £25,000.  I am encouraging lots of people to give a little in the hope that another 2500 people giving just £10 will see us reach the target.  If you can give more, please do, if you cant give, thanks for reading this and please pass on to other people that might be in a position to give.

Nick had a passion for surfing, running, cycling, Leicester City FC and his VW Camper. His life is now confined to a wheel chair with deteriorating eyesite.  Please help us to reach Nicks target.  Please donate as soon as possible as our ride is towards the end of the fundraising timescale,

thanks for reading this
David Warburton (thebreaman)

Nick O'Meara

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.pdf   Nick O'Meara Fundraising reports.pdf (Size: 1.93 MB / Downloads: 1)

Offline Puskar


Did you raise enough money, Thebreadman? How did the treatment go?

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