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agreed valuations

Offline jillypompom


Hi just wondered if anybody has had this problem. My son has crashed his 1972 T2 van but the insurance company are doing there best to write it off despite an agreed valuation of £6000. At first they came up with a over inflated estimate for repairs which we have shown was nothing less than fiction and submitted an estimate for £5100. They have now sent out somebody else who surprise, surprise says he only values it at £4500. Can they do this if we have an agreed valuation from them? Has any one got any ideas on how to save our beloved van?Huh

Offline Phil


Sorry to hear of this story. We all know that the agreed valuation process is a tricky one.

Was the agreed valuation based on photographs or an inspection?

I have tweeted the insurance companies that follow us on Twitter (@VW_Camper_Forum) and asked for advice.

Which insurance company is it?


Offline jillypompom


Hi Phil,
Only based on photos I'm afraid but never the less we have a agreed valuation document from Admiral dated until 2014.
We have been in touch with FOS who are sending us out forms.
We are continuing to say no/not acceptable to Admiral and also have asked Admiral to confirm this would mean Admiral agreements are not worth the paper they are written on

Offline Ecclestn


I'm with Adrian flux via groupama not had to make a claim yet on my fixed valuation but know someone who has and Adrian flux were superb no hassle and dealt with well .
The old saying cheap insurance isn't always great when you need them most .
Vote with your wallet next time .

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